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Boiler Annual Service, SE London, Dartford and surrounding Kent

Servicing your boiler regularly maintains the efficiency, safety and reliability of your heating system and helps you avoid high energy bills and keeps breakdowns at bay.

What Does Gas Boiler Servicing Involve?

During your boiler service, our qualified gas boiler engineer will:

  • Carry out a visual inspection of the boiler and all related areas (radiators etc.) to make sure that they adhere to current safety regulations and standards.

  • Clean away any debris or dirt in the system, and repair or replace any damaged parts. (These parts may be chargeable)

  • Remove the boiler casing and check all internal components (such as the heat exchanger, burner and main injector).

  • Check that the spark/sensor probe is clean.

  • Conduct a ‘gas tightness’ test, to check for dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Test the gas valve with a flue gas analyser, to make sure that the boiler is combusting efficiently.

  • Check that the flue terminals are free from obstruction and that internal flue components are sealed correctly.

  • Turn the boiler on, to make sure that it is working properly.

The service should take around one hour. When the engineer is finished, they should present you with a completed Gas Safe form, which will contain details of the tasks they have carried out.  

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